IPL Cricket Fever 2013, the official IPL simulator, launched on Android and iOS devices

If watching the IPL matches from the comfort of your couch or cheering for your favorite team at the stadium was not enough, now you can immerse yourself further into the cricketing extravaganza by playing the matches yourself on your mobile devices. Indiagames has launched IPL Cricket Fever 2013, the official IPL Season 6 game on Android, iOS and Java platforms.

IPL Cricket Fever 2013 is a cricket simulator which uses real time physics and swipe-based controls to make the game feel as real as possible. To further enhance the experience, the game has all the official teams from Mumbai Indians to Delhi Daredevils and also includes every player in the tournament from Sachin Tendulkar to Adam Gilchrist.

To play the game, you’ve to select and challenge one of your friends and once he or she accepts the challenge, the match begins. The objective is to hit the maximum number runs in one, three or five overs and set a target for your friend to beat. By winning matches, you win points and move up the leaderboard while also gaining new skills and unlocking in-game rewards.


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