Facebook Home is now available in all countries


Facebook Home made a grand debut on Google’s Play Store last week, but to the disappointment of many, only worked for users in the US. The social media giant though had a nice little gift ready and earlier this morning discreetly opened up the app launcher to the rest of the world.

Though Home now works anywhere in the world, it is still only compatible with select devices like the HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note II; and it will work on the upcoming HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4.

In case you missed out on all the excitement about Facebook’s Android app launcher, here is a short recap. Home transforms your Android device to give it a more Facebook-centric experience. The change though is mostly cosmetic and doesn’t take away the experience of using an Android device. Home also doesn’t access your private data on the phone, as Facebook clarified recently.

After having installed Home, when you switch on the device, instead of the default lock screen, you will see what Facebook calls the Cover Feed. It is essentially your Facebook’s news feed on the phone’s lock screen and you can swipe through these photos or status updates, like them and even comment on them directly from the lock screen.

Another useful feature on Facebook Home is the Chat Head, which appear whenever there is a new message and remains on the screen till the time the user manually removes them. These heads are quite non-intrusive and you can continue to do whatever you were doing and even switch between apps without having to dismiss the notification or respond to it. Notifications too have been enabled on the Cover Feed and one can simply tap a new notification to get into it or swipe them down to dismiss them.

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