Mother’s Day special : Top 5 apps for your mom

Confused of what to give to your mom this Mother’s Day? then why not woo her by making her tech-savy and gifting her these apps on her mobile or tab?

1. CardStar

A mother’s purse seems to always have just what you need, but finding it might take a few minutes. WithCardStar, though, moms can lighten their load and consolidate all their membership and rewards cards from various national and regional businesses and organizations (including AAA, AARP, CVS, Stop & Shop, public libraries, and fitness centers). Users can manually input the card’s barcode or snap a picture of it using the phone’s camera. At checkout, a user taps on the card and the cashier scans the barcode directly from the phone. (If the scanner isn’t compatible with the app, the cashier can enter the number by hand.)

2. WebMD

Not only is she a mom, but a resident nurse, too. At the first sniffle, this app—from the website that provides trusted health information—can help mom diagnose the whole family. Users can search symptoms to learn about potential ailments, research drugs and treatments, access a handy first aid guide for bug bites and broken bones, and locate nearby medical facilities and pharmacies. Young mothers can even download WebMD Baby, complete with a growth tracker, feeding tracker, diaper tracker, sleep tracker, and baby book. Although the app should never displace a doctor, it can help mom bust even the trickiest Ferris Bueller.


The definitive app for recipes, Epicurious has an intuitive interface and a very useful shopping list tool. Mom will never open another cookbook again

4. Family GPS Tracker

Moms always want to know where everybody is. Save on the phone bill and get her this app. On the other hand, you might now want to make that sort of information available to her.

5. 4 Ingredients

This one is for working moms, who are always in a hurry. It does exactly what it advertises and provides a list of recipes which can be made with just four ingredients or less


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