Microsoft Xbox One announced with updated specs and refreshed look


Microsoft has officially announced the Xbox One, the successor to the Xbox 360. The new console has advanced voice recognition capabilities understanding natural language and users can navigate the UI and turn on the console using voice. The console can also connect with a set-top box so that one can control one TV and console from a single universal point. The console comes pre-loaded with Skype and Internet Explorer.

As far as the hardware is concerned it includes the console, a new Kinect module and a controller that looks quite similar to the Xbox 360 controller and runs on the new Windows kernel.

While the new controller looks quite similar to the previous model, Microsoft says that it has received more than 40 technical updates. The updates include an updated directional pad, thumb stick, integrated battery compartment, and an “ergonomic fit”. Microsoft says that the new controller works in tandem with the new Kinect module and it works via Wi-Fi direct. The triggers in the controller can directly deliver feedback and
Microsoft says its a controller made by gamers for gamers.

In terms of specifications, the Xbox One is powered by a 8-Core CPU and GPU system-on-chip architecture along with 8GB of RAM, and a custom 500GB Hard Drive. The OS is based on the Windows Kernal and consists  has USB 3.0 ports, a Blu-Ray drive and Wi-Fi, in addition to a new Kinect module that will be sold with every Xbox One SKU.

The new Kinect module has a new 1080 wide angle camera that can decipher ones heart beat. Microsoft has also added a number of new gestures to navigate through apps and other things for the Kinect.
Featuring the Snap Mode just like the one found in the Windows 8, it will allow users to run multiple apps at the same time.

As far as the Live TV feature is concerned, Microsoft says that it needs an HDMI cable and a supported receiver box that will be also be dependent on the region.

The Xbox One will come preloaded with a new Skype video chat application. Users can also use Xbox Smart Glass to control the console via smartphones and tablets.

A new game DVR feature has been added that will allow users to capture their gameplay and share it via Xbox Live just like Play Station 4.

Another  new feature added is  Smart Match which is a new matchmaking system that  integrates with the other entertainment features of the Xbox and caters content to a user till a match is available.

Microsoft also said that it will announced 15 exclusive game titles this year of which 8 will be new franchises like Fifa 2014, UFC, NBA LIVE, Forza Motorsport 5 as well as Activision showcased Call of Duty: Ghosts and revealed all downloadable the online content will remain exclusive to the Xbox One for a limited period and Remedy Studios of Alan Wake and Max Payne fame showed off Quantum Break, which is a game that will mix up live-action with gameplay. But Microsoft reserved the best for last and announced a live action series based on Halo which will have legendary Hollywood director Steven Speilberg’s involvement.

Lastly, Microsoft  said that the new Xbox One will be available in the market later this year but currently there is no word on the price.

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