French Open player Sergiy Stakhovsky uses his iPhone to dispute the umpire’s decision


The French Open every other year has its share of bizarre incidents, and this year’s tournament has not disappointed either. If Viktor Troicki’s controversial loss to Andy Murray in the 2011 French Open involving the ball boy comes at top, Ukraine’s Sergiy Stakhovsky stopping play this year to click a photo of a disputed line call using his iPhone, ranks right beside it, Mashable reports.


During his match with seventh-seeded Richard Gasquet, Stakhovsky questioned the chair umpire Carlos Ramos’ call of the ball being out of the line and when his arguments failed, he went to his bag, dished out his iPhone and clicked a close-up photo of the spot where the ball had landed. The decision though didn’t change and he went on to lose the match n his 6-1, 6-4, 6-3.

Stakhovsky may be fined a part of his match fee for showing dissent and plans to show the photo to the French Open match officials so that he doesn’t lose any money. He said to ESPN, “I’m now expecting a fine, actually, so I’m going to go and fight. I believe it was a bad call, it was a bad judgment. After all, we are playing on clay, where you should be clearly able to read the mark and unfortunately, not all of our referees are able to do so,” he added.

Stakhovsky has also tweeted the above picture for his fans to see.

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