Motorola’s Dennis Woodside confirms Moto X will launch with an array of sensors by October


Motorola CEO, Dennis Woodside, today confirmed that the smartphone maker will indeed launch the Moto X this year. He also revealed that the phone, apart from having great power management by having two processors (ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture?), it would also have an array of sensors. Woodside called the phone “contextually aware” and it would know when you take it out of your pocket. Speaking at ATD’s D11, he also revealed that the phone would be widely distributed and 70 percent of it will be assembled in the US at a factory in Texas that was once used to manufacture Nokia phones. Motorola will employ 2,000 people to manufacture the phone. The processor would be manufactured in Taiwan while the OLED screen will be manufactured in Korea.

Woodside also revealed that Motorola plans to launch a handful of phones this year between now and October. He specified the smartphone gap between the $30-$650 price point, which is what the company would target. Some of the consumer challenges that Motorola is trying to solve are displays that don’t break and short battery life in smartphones. Motorola wants to make phones for everyone, he claimed. He underscored the point that there is huge opportunity in the lower-end segment, hinting that the portfolio will be spread out across price points.He reiterated that Motorola, despite being owned by Google, gets Android code at the same time as other Google partners and will have the same Google services as others.

Regina Dugan, the DARPA executive Motorola hired, also gave hints of the company’s interest in wearable tech. However, rather than doing just watches, she showed interest in digital tattoos. Motorola is working with a company called MC10 and is helping them advance these tattoos, which could be used for authentication. She also showed interest in vitamin authentication, a pill with a radio chip that could make the whole body into an authentication chip. However, Woodside clarified that this wasn’t something that would ship anytime soon.

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