Asus hints at a 6-inch Android-based phablet with a stylus for Computex

Asus shows another teaser ahead of the Computex where they plan to announce a number of devices. This picture hints at their possible release of a 6-inch Android run phablet with voice calling and stylus support, and be named as Droid Mark II. Asus has teased the device with “We Transform” highlighted on it, which leads to the speculation that this mystery device could be a placed under their Transformer series of devices.

Asus’s latest teaser photo includes a series of images featuring an Android toy as a robot character named the Droid Mark II with a number 6 embossed on it and N6-TE highlighted on its box. The plastic green colored toy comes with one of its hands representing a phone and the other a pen, which clearly shows that this device will most likely be Asus’s FonePad kind of a device with a 6-inch display, SIM support for voice calling and stylus support as well.

We are looking forward to Asus’s event scheduled to happen on June 3 in Taipei to know about this discreet device. Asus has in this week teased us with some dual-platform based device and a mystery device with SonicMaster technology. your simple tech central


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