Intel to launch Haswell platform on June 4: Report


We have been hearing quite a bit about Intel’s forthcoming Haswell processor, from its processing power, and battery management to its integrated graphic power. The folks at Engadget now report that Intel will officially launch its Haswell platform on June 4 and have also revealed the prices of some variants of the processor.

As we earlier reported, Intel’s Haswell platform is based on the 22nm 3D Trigate transistor technology, much like the current-generation Ivy Bridge and has been specifically developed with portable PCs in mind. It largely focuses on graphical performance with its Iris integrated graphics chip that the company claims delivers double or triple graphics performance and better battery management, with the company claiming up to a 50 percent increase in battery life with no loss of performance.

In addition to portable PCs, there’s also a line-up of PCs built on Intel’s Core i5 and i7 Haswell processor close to launch. Intel’s flagship will be the quad-core i7-4770K which will have a clock speed of 3.50GHz, in addition to i5 models, which too will be quad-core with clock speeds between 2.0 to 3.1GHz.

Engadget’s source has also revealed the prices of these above processors before their launch on June 4. According to the report, prices will start at $192 (Rs 10,400 approximately) for the Core i5-4570 and go up to $339 (Rs 18,300 approximately) for the Core i7-4770K.


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