iOS 7 details leaked before the launch

We have been hearing quite a bit about the redesigned iOS 7 that Apple is set to reveal later tonight and last week, we saw the first photo of how OS is likely to look. The folks at 9T05Mac have now had a chance to look at a beta release of iOS 7 and describe to us how it looks.

According to the report, there are sweeping changes across the UI, ranging from app icon designs and color schemes to small things like the network signal bar. Starting with the smallest, the iconic network bars have been replaced with five white dots to represent the network strength. The app icons, as expected, have been given a flatter look and newer colors. The mockup photo above gives us an idea on how they might look.

There’s also a new color scheme which haven’t heard of before. According to the report, many apps will depict a black or white scheme, which could possibly mean that white and black iPhones could get their own color palettes or colors will change depending on the time of the day. The most visible color difference is on the keyboards— in the black mode, the keys are black with gray letters, while the white mode looks something out of an Android device with grey keys and white letters.

Apple is scheduled to show off iOS 7 and the new version of Mac OS X at its annual WWDC event later tonight.

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