iOS 7 to offer new photos and videos sharing capabilities: WSJ


With only a few hours till WWDC, it is the redesigned iOS 7 and Apple’s rumoered iRadio streaming services , that have grabbed all the headlines. But in addition to the above, a report on WSJ now claims that the Cupertino-based company will introduce a new way to share photos and videos on iOS 7.

The report quotes a source as saying that iOS 7 will offer new ways for iPhone users to share photos and videos with each other. While this doesn’t really answer the pet peeve users have when it comes to sharing multimedia content with devices running on other platforms, this could be a start to Apple finally opening up the platform to some extent.

Apple’s design guru Jony Ive is leading the team behind iOS, which would ideally mean more cohesiveness between hardware and software. Earlier today, some design elements of iOS were leaked that point at a flatter design with less of skeuomorphism and new icons. Apple will also unviel a new version of Mac OS X though little is known about the new features that will be introduced.

Apple CEO Tim Cook had last year said the company would double down on secrecy after a series of leaks revealed the iPhone 5 and iPad mini way in advance of Apple’s official unveiling. Considering the scarce details we have for both iOS 7 and Mac OS X hours before WWDC, Cook has certainly delivered on his promise. your simple tech central


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