Microsoft loses Lumia 920 running Windows Phone Blue, retrieves it


According The Verge that Reddit user Jeremiah Wong had stumbled upon the Nokia Lumia 920 running the prototype version of Windows Phone on eBay on June 5 after he noticed that the device looked slightly different in the pictures posted on the listing. After he posted the images, it appears that Microsoft managed to track him down and demanded the phone back, but also was generous enough to compensate him for the money he spent on the device and also ship him a replacement phone.

According to the report, Wong mistook the device for a developer kit after he saw the ‘Feedback Hub’ on the images posted. He also noticed the device was cracked and had MSFT engrained on the back.

Microsoft managed to lock in to Wong after he posted the images and remotely wipe the phone and also demanded him to take down the images from his Flickr account. It appears the Microsoft employee who owned the phone lost it in on the bus before it was picked up and offered on eBay.

Wong says that the version of Windows Phone had pretty much everything he wanted, though a little work was needed on a few things. The images he posted also indicate that the notification center will be offered as a separate app rather than a part of the core operating system. your simple tech central


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