Xbox One to launch in India in late 2014


Yesterday, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would be launched in 21 countries initially. There was hope amongst Indians that India would be included in first wave of launch countries, but unfortunately it turns out that this is not the case and India will not be getting the console in 2013. This piece of information was revealed by Anshu Mor on Twitter, who is the director for the interactive entertainment business at Microsoft India. The folks at IndianVideoGamer first spotted this. It turns out that the console will hit India in late 2014 according to a report by The Wall Street Journal which quotes Alan Bowman, Microsoft’s VP for sales and marketing in Asia.

According to the report, Microsoft is plotting a late 2014 launch for South East Asia, which will include select countries like India, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore. This means that Microsoft’s latest and so-called greatest console will be launched in India almost an entire year after its international launch, which is unheard of in this day and age of simultaneous global launches.To make matters worse, the Xbox One is region locked, unlike the PlayStation 4, so this means one cannot even consider buying the console from the US and then use it in India over a long period once the console gets launched and games are available in the country.

It appears that Microsoft, still hopes that it can milk the success of the Xbox 360 in India and other Asian countries.Perhaps, Microsoft is taking this route because the Xbox One needs a constant Internet connection with games needing 24 hourly checks with the Internet considering Internet connectivity is not ideal in India, and many gamers might be averse to the ideal of needing a compulsory Internet connection for playing games offline.

Even the many entertainment features like the HDMI pass through set top box integration may not work in India perfectly.Additionally, the policy regarding used games on the Xbox One is also vague, with Microsoft handing developers the ability to block used games on the console. : your simple tech central


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