Google is building a new database to help fight and eradicate child pornography off the Internet

Google has taken up the noble crusade to eradicate child porn off the Internet. The Mountain View-based Internet giant will help law enforcement agencies, websites and charity organizations, who have been crusading individually, and will build a collective database of these abusive images and help remove them immediately.

These aforementioned organizations have been identifying and blocking such images and videos for a long time, but there’s been no interactivity between them to share their findings or no easy way to remove the abusive material completely. Once ready, Google will now have this database open to such organizations to contribute their findings to one place and thus make it easy to remove them.

In a chat with The Telegraph, Google spokesperson Scott Rubin said, “We are creating an industry-wide global database of ‘hashed’ images to help all technology companies find these images, wherever they might be. They will then be blocked and reported.”

The Telegraph report further mentions that Google will have the above database running within a year and in the meantime is setting up a $2 million fund for independent software developers to develop new technologies that will help fight child pornography.


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