Temple run for Windows Phone 8 now supports 512 MB Ram devicesdevices


For all those missing the popular Temple Run game on their mid-range Windows Phone 8 devices, the game will now work even on the WP8 phones with 512 MB of RAM. Imangi Studios had a only few months back released the game for Windows Phone 8, however, it could not run on devices like Nokia Lumia 720, Lumia 520, Nokia Lumia 620 and HTC Windows Phone 8S which came with only 512 MB of RAM.


When the game was launched on WP8 a few months back, it first lacked support for Xbox LIVE and the game’s  live tile was also blank. Though it was immediately updated to version 1.5 to fix the live tile issue by replacing the blank screen with the famous Tiki icon. However, the game weighed 23MB and was still not compatible with 512MB devices. Users have been demanding for a lighter version of the game which could run on their low end WP 8 devices with lower RAM. Now, the company has lowered the game size to 21 MB and it can run on devices with only 512 MB RAM. This of course was a big deal because the game was also playable on Android smartphones with just 512 MB of RAM.

Though the update does not include any new feature, the announcement itself is good enough for those missing it one their Windows phones. You can download the app from Windows Phone Store


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