Google launches Mine service on Google+ allowing sharing of real-time goods

Google is reportedly working on a new service named as Google Mine, which is expected to add another dimension to the Google+ service. The folks at Google Operating System have extracted a screenshot of the new service being developed by Google. The service will mainly be introduced to display or share real-world things one owns, wants to share or wishes to buy with others in their circle.

The idea behind this is to put up a catalogue of goods including clothes, electronics, cars, bikes and more on display within or outside the circles on Google+. The users can thus will not only be able to share what they own but also share things they wish to own or have lost in the past. You might even be able to send requests to borrow or try out friend’s belongings, or get recommendations for goods you wish to buy.

Google will give the users the freedom to filter out circles in which they don’t want to share these belongings and allow comments on these posts. They will be able to upload images and reviews of the items.

The service is reportedly being tested internally at Google.


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