Fake BBM app fools thousands of Android users


Android users eagerly waiting for the BlackBerry Messenger to come as an application on the Play Store beware! A fake BBM application developed by an outfit named RIM had been spotted on the Play Store which has been downloaded by over a hundred thousand users, Cnet reports. The application had been reported and is now taken down from the store.

This fake application made fool of a number of users who are expecting the BBM app to get released on the Plays Store. The application mentioned the developer as RIM which was the previous name for BlackBerry and thus had further attracted many of the users to download it. Moreover, the developers of the app had cashed on the false report doing rounds, suggesting the BBM to get launched on June 27. The app screen also displayed a message saying that the app would start working on 27 June.

The app had an agreement along with it, agreeing to which allowed advertising network StartApp to automatically install spammed icons, bookmarks and other content on the user’s device.

We suggest users to be cautious about such fake apps and check for authentications of the apps before downloading them.


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