Intel launches Fourth-generation core processors (Haswell) in India


Intel has launched its fourth generation core processors in India which have been  Code named Haswell. Notably, it is the first system on chip for PCs and will enable 2-in-1 design form factors. Perhaps the biggest improvement with the Haswell processors is in the field of battery life and graphical performance.

The new chipset is built on Intel’s 22nm microarchitecture, and Intel claims it will provide up to 50 percent gains in battery life from the previous generation. This means most UltraBooks in the market will deliver up to 9 hours of battery life. In fact, we already seen Apple launch the new 13-inch MacBook Air in the US which uses the very same processor, and it delivers around 12 hours of battery life, so these processors are really a big deal.

Intel has managed to reduce the power requirement of the chipset to 6-watts, and Intel has also worked on a lot on the power optimisations.

Generally, Intel says that people will have their computers run twice as fast and will wake up eight times faster and users will be able to edit and share HD video twenty times faster than a four year old computer.

The Haswell CPUs will also be very good in terms of graphics as Intel has introduced its new Iris graphics stack. Intel claims to have doubled the performance of the current generation Intel Integrated Graphics stack. : Your simple tech central


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