Microsoft debuts Windows 8.1 preview, you can download it now


As expected, Microsoft has debuted the preview of Windows 8.1, which is now available via the Windows Store. Currently, ISO files for the operating system are not available, but Microsoft’s download centre highlights that ISO files will be available from tomorrow onwards. The update to Windows 8.1 is a free update, and it adds a wealth of new features that will improve the Windows 8 experience.

Firstly, like Windows Phone 8 Microsoft has added two new live-tile sizes for the Start screen. Additionally, Start screen customizations including apps and files will get synced across all Windows 8 PCs, just like Apple implements synchronisation via iCloud.

Microsoft has also redesigned the Windows Store which will now make app discovery easier. Additionally, several Windows 8 core applications have been updated with new features and interface improvements. Other features include better multi-monitor support, the return of the start button, boot to the desktop, and also one can set ones desktop background as the background for the Start Screen. Microsoft has also deeply integrated Bing and Skydrive with Windows 8.1. Besides this there are many more new features.

Microsoft recommends users to back up their files before they update to Windows 8.1 and there are certain cases when user will not be able to downgrade back to a previous version of Windows. For more information on that you can click here.

In order to update it to Windows 8.1 users will need to enable a small update that will enable users to upgrade to Windows 8.1. As always, since it is a preview there would be bugs and kinks, so this one is not for the faint hearted.


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