Twitter brings billions of geotagged tweets to life through interactive 3D maps


Twitter has compiled billions of geotagged tweets from cities like New York, San Francisco and Istanbul and created beautiful 3D maps. These rendered maps use elevations and grids to visualize the billions of tweets recorded at these locations.

These maps might look something out of Google Maps, representing the cities with boundaries, mountains and valleys. But instead of land’s topography, they represent the differences in the number of tweets recorded at one location. With mountains indicating a high concentration of tweets, while the valleys a relatively low number of tweets.

Brought to life by Twitter’s data visualization scientist Nicolas Belmonte, these rendered maps offer quite a few options to users to change how they want to see the maps. One can change the visualization, layers, level of elevation and views among others.

Instead of simply taking our word for it, you can head over to Twitter’s GitHub page to see these maps for yourselves.


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