MediaTek rumored to launch true 8-core, 2GHz chipsets this year



MediaTek is reported to be sampling its next generation MT6592 chipset that would have eight A7 cores with each core clocked at 2GHz. Unlike Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa chipsets, which were based on ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture where only four cores would be active at any time, MediaTek is looking at a true eight-core processor where all cores are active simultaneously, Engadget reports. MediaTek is currently sampling the chipset with its clients and is expected to take it into mass production in November on TSMC’s 28nm process. First devices based on the chipset would be available in early 2014, probably in time for the Chinese New Year, one of MediaTek’s biggest markets.

While it is unclear how battery efficient it would be considering MediaTek does not have Qualcomm-like asynchronous core technology, having an eight-core processor would be something device vendors would love for their marketing campaigns. Of course, core performance wise it would be much better than its current generation MT6589, which powers a major chunk of sub-Rs 15,000 quad-core smartphones. However, it won’t be able to compete with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 chipset in terms of performance. As always, MediaTek is targeting the low-end segment and it would massively undercut Snapdragon 800-based devices.


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