Google adds handwriting input tool for translation on homepage, also supports Indian languages including Hindi


Google has added handwriting input tool to the Google Translate homepage to make it work more efficiently especially for those who do not know how to type in characters on their devices. The new feature will let the user draw handwritten expressions on their device’s screen to know an instant translation for the same.


To use the service, one will first need to choose an input language from the input tools icon at the bottom of the text area, and select the handwriting tool. This will switch the input interface to handwriting mode. The user can simply draw the text including multiple characters on the main panel of the handwriting tool to see the translated text in the language of their choice. Google currently offers handwriting support for 45 languages, including Indian languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil and more, and other languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Besides homepage, a handwriting input tool is also available in the Google Input Tools Chrome extension and in other Google products, including Gmail, Drive, Chrome, and Android.


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