Nokia reportedly developing a ‘Treasure Tag’ Bluetooth accessory to help keep track of your things


Lumia users can soon forget about losing any of their stuffs. According to The Verge, Nokia is preparing a proximity sensor accessory called ‘Treasure Tag’, which will use Bluetooth 4.0 and/or NFC to connect to a Lumia and help one find their lost items.

The Treasure Tag is a small device with a lanyard, which you can attach to any items that you are likely to misplace, like car or home keys or a bag. Using a specially built app, Lumia users will be able to track that item from their phones. Once you are in range, the sensor on the device will trigger a notification sound. The basic idea is quite similar to a startup called ‘Tile’, which essentially is a chip that can be tracked from an iPhone.

According to the report, Nokia will roll out this feature on Lumia devices along with the Amber update, which will have Bluetooth 4.0.


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