Samsung Galaxy S4 explodes, burns down Hong Kong apartment

Apple of late has had a rough time in China, as theiPhone has been electrocuting many Chinese citizens. But it appears Apple is not alone and its arch rival Samsung is also facing some problems of its own with the Galaxy S4.Xianguo is reporting that a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone exploded while the owner was playing a game on it. The owner flung the burning device across his apartment onto a flammable couch while resulted in a nasty fire that burnt down the entire apartment.


The owner of the phone, Mr Du, said that he was playing Love Machine on the smartphone when the incident happened. He was charging the phone while playing the game, but he also insisted that he used official Samsung gear, neither the phone or any accessories including the charger were duplicates.

Samsung for its part is looking into the matter and will run a chemical analysis on the rubble to verify if the phone was indeed an original Samsung smartphone.

Remember, this is not the first time we have heard of such an incident. Previously, a Galaxy S III owner in the UK had claimed that his phone exploded while he was driving the car, only later to have admitted putting the phone in the microwave to rectify water damage. Additionally, we have also heard reports of a Galaxy S III user complain that his phone exploded while he was asleep. And prior to all this, a iPhone also exploded onboard a flight in Australia, so all this is not new.


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