Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C photos and video leaked


Compared to the next-generation iPhone 5S, the cheaper iPhone 5C has been grabbing all the headlines in the past few weeks. Today though, the former has been featured alongside the entry-level variant in a series of photos and an Instagram video.


The gallery posted on Vietnamese site Tinthe (spotted by 9To5Mac) shows a series of photos of what it claims are mock-ups of both the devices. The mock cheaper iPhone is consistent with the myriad of leaked photos we have previously seen and shows the now familiar plastic back panel. The iPhone 5S, on the other hand, looks largely similar to the iPhone 5. Additionally, staying true to previous rumors, the mockup also shows the 12-megapixel camera and the dual-LED flash alongside it.

In addition to the photo gallery, Tran Quo Chuyvn, has posted a short comparison Instagram video of both the devices.

As we have reported earlier today, both the aforementioned iPhones are expected to be launched on September 10. : your simple tech central


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