YouTube updated with a Play On feature on iOS and Android


The problem with the mobile YouTube experience is that the user has to switch to a different video or has to see one video and then search for a different one. One cannot search for the next video while watching the current one. Well, all that now changes because with a new

Play on feature that ensures multi-tasking experience and one can search for new videos to a hearts content without actually closing the video that is being viewed.

With a simple swipe, the video being view gets transposed to a small box in the bottom, much like how the multi-view functionality works in Samsung smartphones, and while this is done one can search for new content on YouTube.

Users can now search and browse channels for playlists on mobile apps, and watch great collections of back-to-back videos. There’s also a Cast button so that users can beam their video to their ChromeCast connected TVs. One also gets a preview screen when ones devices are connected so that the user can select a video, with options to play the video to queue it up to watch next.

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