BBM landing page of Android and iOS leaked online


After accidentally posting the user-guide of its upcoming BBM service for iOS and Android on its global website, BlackBerry has now yet again accidentally flashed the BBM landing pages for both of the forthcoming apps, CrackBerry reports.

BlackBerry however soon pulled down these pages, which included tips on connecting to BBM followed by FAQ section with information on unique PIN or barcode, status and profile details, BBM Groups, Contacts and more in the app, about how to start and use the app, and also about other features in the app.


Besides the generic information on ‘how-to’, and other such queries, the leaked page also suggested that services like BBM Voice, Video, and screen sharing features for both the apps will come during fall. Like all other third party messenger service, the BBM service for the iPhone and Android will come for free to download, but will use data for further use.

The point to notice is that BlackBerry has mentioned only iPhone for the iOS version of the app, which could imply that the app will initially be restricted to iPhone only and might not come to the iPad or iPod touch.

While all these leaks have ensured the nearing release of the app, we wonder if the company is actually prone to such accidents or is simply intentionally doing it in order to create a buzz for the BBM, which is also believed to soon be spun off into a separate company than being a part of BlackBerry.

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