Screenshots of HTC Sense 5.5 leaked, show new camera features

HTC seems close to releasing the next version of its Android-based UI— Sense 5.5. ROM maker mike1986has posted a series of screenshots (via Android Central) he claims belong to the new UI. Though much remains the same as the previous version, the major changes include a BlinkFeed toggle switch, customizable settings menu and new camera features.

Unlike on Sense 5.0 where BlinkFeed can’t be switched off, the Sense 5.5 screenshots show a setting where it can be turned off and new categories and custom topic tabs can be added too. The keyboards seem to have gotten a whole lot of new emojis and the task switchers have got bigger preview windows too.

Additionally, there’s a new quick settings menu that can be customized and the list re-ordered and finally, the camera gets two new features called Panorama+ and Dual Capture. It’s not very clear what the former feature does, but the latter could be similar to what Samsung offers, wherein both the rear and front cameras click a photo simultaneously.

There’s currently no word on when HTC plans to release the updated UI.  HTC is hosting a series of events next week where it is expected to launch the One Max and we could probable get a chance to check out the new UI too.



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