Tech Sip Weekly 01 : The flying leaks and rumours of Nexus 5, iPhone prices, Apple iPad event, Nokia smart watch, new launches and much more!


Tech Sip Weekly 01

Well, Hello there guys! Welcome to the first podcast of iGeekz named Tech Sip Weekly where we will be discussing a weekly roundup filled with humour, fun and of course, “geekyness”!

So with this, I start the first podcast.

In this week’s podcast, we will discuss about the Nexus 5. We will also discuss on the Apple’s iPad event and the prices of the new iPhone devices in India.

Topics discussed-

  1. Nexus 5
  2. Apple iPad Event
  3. iPhone 5S and 5C prices in India
  4. Nokia Smartwatch
  5. HTC One Max

From now on, we will also respond to some of our users on tech advices. For any query, suggestion or tip, drop us an email at –


  1. Ishita Mediratta

You can get our podcast on iTunes, iGeekz and YouTube too.

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