Line aims to cross 300 million users in 2013


Line messanger which was launched in India early this year has today announced it has crossed 280 million global users and will “easily reach its target of 300 million users by the end of the year.” Announcing its third quarter 2013 earnings, Line revealed that its core Line business made $100 million in revenues over net sales of $158 million.

The increase in net sales based on the core LINE business is due to increases in in-game purchases (approximately 60 percent), sticker purchases(approximately 20 percent), and other areas such as official accounts and sponsored stickers, the Japanese company said in its quarterly earnings report.

Line repeated it had over 10 million users in India. WhatsApp, Line’s biggest rival, has 350 million monthly active users globally with more than 25 million active users in India alone. Line does not clarify whether the user base numbers are registered users or monthly active users. Unlike WhatsApp, which does not advertise, Line has been hyperactive on the advertising front and has hired Bollywood actor Katrina Kaif as its brand ambassador in India. It has also tied up with many smartphone vendors to have the messenger pre-installed on their devices as well.


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