Microsoft merges Windows Phone and Windows store accounts for app developers


Microsoft has announced a unified registration service for the developers working on any of the Windows Store or Windows Phone Store, which will let developers access both of these stores from a single account. That way, developers won’t need to register on two different accounts for submitting or pushing app for devices running on Windows Phone or Windows platforms. Though the accounts will be merged, developers will continue to use separate dev centre dashboards for Windows Store and Windows Phone Store to submit and manage their apps. News about this development was first reported in September.

To use this merged account the existing developers will need to renew their account, while all new registrations will automatically get this new account for both the stores. Talking of fee to access the new account, developers will need to pay a one-time fee of $19 for an individual account or $99 for a company account.

To activate the new merged account, Microsoft is sending codes via emails to the Microsoft account users with Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. Existing users can use this code to renew their account registration, and this code will be valid for a free one year renewal from the date of expiration of the account. Apart from this, Windows has now added credit card support for the Windows Phone developers to validate new accounts or renew accounts.

By implementing a unified account for both smartphone and tablets/desktop platforms, Microsoft would hope that developers who so far were targeting only one platform start developing for both platforms. Eventually, Microsoft could even address the current compatibility issues between Windows Phone and Windows RT apps, with possibly merging the two platforms into one in the future. Probably both smartphones and tablets running on ARM architecture could run the same OS, unlike currently where smartphones run on Windows Phone and tablets on Windows RT.


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