The PlayStation 4 is here for $399


The PlayStation 4 has been finally launched, kicking off a video game console holiday showdown with the Xbox One for $399 (Rs 25,000 approx).

The PS4 is Sony’s chance to fix everything it did wrong last generation, and start this one on a positive note. Developers complained that the PS3 was difficult to develop for, so Sony made ease of use a priority on the PS4. The DualShock 3 was maligned by gamers, so Sony reworked the controller from the ground up. The PS3 OS was featureless and barren in comparison to the Xbox 360′s, so Sony designed a new interface that lives up to the standards of a 2013 device.

Sony’s message, ever since the console was officially announced back in February, has never changed. PlayStation 4 is the console for gaming. The launch lineup might not be as robust or impressive as we had originally hoped, but Sony is banking on the seven-day head start, the $100 price difference, and the promise of the console’s potential to win the holiday season, despite staunch competition from Microsoft’s Xbox One.

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