Assassin’s Creed : Pirates now live to download on iOS and Android

All the gaming fans out there, here’s a good news for y’all! The Assasssin’s Creed : Pirates is now live on the iOS and Android app stores.

In this franchise, the protagonist is Alonzo Batilla, an heroic, brave captain and pirate, and your task is to keep your minions in check and ensure your boats are well upgraded and ready for any kind of naval face-off you might encounter. As Assassin’s Creed goes, it’s pretty standard fare, although this is merely a compliment to how well Ubisoft has managed to replicate the tried-and-tested recipe for mobile devices.

The game is available at a price of $6.49( INR 520) for iOS and $4.99( INR 379) for Android. Another thing to note here is that the game is compatible with only select devices. If you own a compatible device we feel the game is worth the price tag and should be given a shot.

iOS users- (iTunes)

Android users- (Play Store)



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